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Jan 16, 2011 at 08:49 PM

Server proxy method name and interface operation name


Hi all,

I have successfully used inbound server proxies on several occasions. Each time, without thinking about it, I took the default option where the OPERATION name == the SERVICE INTERFACE name. When the proxy is generated, the ABAP method is the OPERATION name and everything works nicely.

This time however, I tried something different and built a service interface (PMNotification, as example) with the operation name 'Create', thinking that I could also have a second operation 'Update' (for example). The ABAP proxy method then becomes CREATE, but I then get 'NO IMPLEMENTING CLASS....' errors. If I change the operation name to match the interface name and regenerate, everything works again.

SO, my question is this : Is is true that the OPERATION name MUST equal the INTERFACE name for an inbound server proxy ??

If this is the case, then a (inbound) service interface can only have one operation; this doesn't seem right.

Looking forward to any insight.