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Jan 15, 2011 at 04:35 PM

Cash Discount Calculated for One Line Item and not for Other


Hi All,

We have devloped a Z program which is used to Write of InterCompany AR and AP recon Account to another GL Account. In this program to clear line item we have created a BDC which calls t-code FB05. Thsi program is running perfectly fine for all company codes.

There is new company code SG20 for which it is not clearing the line items. It has created a Session in SM35, when we analysed the seesin we found that for some line items system is calculating Cash Discount and for some other line items it is not but the payment Term is same for all the douments with 3% 14days.

I need your help in understanding that why for some line items system calculates the Cash Discout where as for others it is not calculation..also the Posting Date is same for all the documents.

Please advise what could be the reson for this.



VIvek Srivastava