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Jan 15, 2011 at 08:21 AM

Interesting Inventory Issue



Well we have a very interesting issue at hand:

We are trying to load data from daily Inventory Cube (0IC_C03) to a custom Z inventory monthly cube Z*(this does not contain calday. Only contains calmonth and calyear) through an APD. This monthly cube contains all cumulative KFs and we are doing inflow-outflow for calculating the value of the KFs which are non-cumulative KFs in daily cube.

We are using APD because in normal transformation from daily to monthly cube we were not getting the non-cumulative KFs.

Now since we have a monthly cube, initially we thought that we would load data on a monthly basis, i.e., at the end of every month but that was later found to be very difficult as the calmonth and calyear becomes 0 after compression so how will we extract based on month filter.

Therefore we used an APD to transfer data. However in APD a calday filter is asked by system as mandatory and we have decided as a procedure that we will load the data in monthly cube on a daily basis based on a dynamic filter for calday which will take system date as the value.

But now the issue is that when I am giving the stnd SAP exit variable 0DAT in the APD filter, it is extracting incorrect data.

To be precise, we tested by loading a BF delta in the daily cube 0IC_C03 and didn't compress the req. That request was dated 14th Jan' 2011 and when I checked the data in daily cube by giving 14.01.2011 in calday, it showed 24 records but when I run the DTP it picked 322 records in spite of the date filter showing correctly as 14.01.2011.

This is very strange and we would highly appreciate any assistance in this regard.