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Jan 14, 2011 at 09:47 PM

How to: Port E-Commerce local dev environment to Open Source


"These instructions can be used to set-up an alternative local development environment that runs on open source software. This should be considered an additional environment to standard E-Commerce development environment and expects to only be a local development environment for the E-Commerce developer. Once local development is to be shared with other developers or testers the developed code should be deployed to the centralized development Netweaver AS instance and from there as per standard processes to test/QA and production. This generally happens through check-in of code to a version control system from which a build is done to produce a deployable unit.

Hello all,

after 5+ years of and using internally a port of E-Commerce on Open Source dev tools and seeing how SAP is talking about Open Source more and more now (but perhaps not being able to move towards it at great speed) that we would release the "how to" manual + a full Eclipse workspace for you to start doing your Web Shop development outside NWDS and NWDI...

So go to and get the enjoyment of freedom running your E-Commerce development on anything you like 😊

Note: This is just for your local dev. not for test or prod environments...use SDM to deploy the resulting product to the Netweaver stack...




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