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Jan 14, 2011 at 04:51 PM

Using SAP Program RSADRLSM02 for Employee Address Clean Up


We have a requirement to clean up as well as maintain on an ongoing basis valid employee address data, so that any postal mailers are not returned 'Undeliverable'.

We have seen documentation that says customers can use SAP provided program RSADRLSM02 (note 132948) , through which you upload periodically third party file ( USPS or any other provider file) into SAP. The data then resides in cluster tables within SAP . There are BADIu2019s / User Exits available that can be implemented to go against this cluster data during address entry through ESS / PA30.

However, SAP's recent direction seems to be towards DQM.

Are there customers using RSADRLSM02 still ? Any issues with this approach like performance or robustness of this load process ?

We understand data may have to be mapped from the USPS file to what RSADRLSM02 needs.

Thanks for any inputs in advance.