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Jan 14, 2011 at 09:56 AM



Hi All,

I want to get open items from BSID table. I used the Function module BAPI_AR_ACC_GETOPENITEMS.It is populated in an internal table ITAB1 which is of BAPI3007_2 structure. from the int table itab1 i want to get open items with checking with the cheque number(ZUONR) in BSID table and those items having the credit entry(SHKZG) i.e(credit entry = H)

and also i want to print the amounts(DMBTR) of this above said open items. because i am using another internal table ITAB for printing those values which is given in ALV function module, when i give this amount it is showing error..

Thanks & Regards

Ajeeth ram.s

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