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Jan 14, 2011 at 08:40 AM

SLD_DS_<SID> user locked repetitively


Dear All,

As part of the password strengthening activity, new password policies were implemented in PID and changes the passwords of all standard/service users in PI 7.11, follwoing the OSS note 999962.

Except SLD_DS_PID user, all users remained unlocked. New credentials for this user was maintained in NWA -> Configuration Management -> Destinations -> SLD_DataSupplier, after chaning the pssword in UME cleint (ABAP 001 client).

The SLD Cache has also been refreshed in Integration Directory after the password change and system has been stopped and started.

Please advise us on other locations, if any, to be updated in order to ensure the SLD_DS_PID user stopped locked repetitively.

This is going to be show stopper for production password change scheduled to happen starting next week.

Kindly advise....

Thanks in advance