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Jan 13, 2011 at 01:57 PM

recommendations on deployment type and export report content to MS outlook


Hi All,

I am a new user of Crystal Reports and need some advice on which deployment type (Component or Server) to use. And based on that which SDK to use.

I have a .Net web application developed in VS2008.

I wish to integrate reporting, apply parameters to the report, view report.

The most important requirement is to be able send the report out as the content of an e-mail in MS Outlook (not as an attachment).

I downloaded a trial version of Crystal Reports 2008 and according to my Visual Studio Integration Manager, I am pointing to Crystal Reports 2008(12.0).

So far I've managed to create a report, send in parameters via my c# code behind, view report and export it to a P D F. However our business users do not want an attachment in the distribution e-mail. They want to be able to see report in the e-mail. I was hoping that I would be able to capture the HTML content generated, and use this as the content of my e-mail - but it looses its formatting. I think because some CSS is being generated on the fly, and there is no access to the CSS when I put content in an e-mail.

So my understanding is that my current set up is a 'Component Deployment'.

Is it possible to export the report as e-mail content using this set up?

Or do I need to use a 'Server Deployment' such as Crystal Reports Server 2008.

And do I need the Cyrstal Reports Server 2008 Add-on 'Live Office'.

And as I mentioned above if anyone could give me help on which SDK to use that would be great as well.