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Language Tutorial Problem

I tried this tutorial:

It says in the PDF <i>In the current version of the Sneak Preview, an error occurs when you save the

*.xlf files. For this reason, you cannot translate the English texts into German as

described below under Translating *_de.xlf.


So I skipped that part. But when I try to build, there's a generated class that's not finding

I noticed "Activate Raw Language Support" under "Repair", but I figured if I did that, then the resulting application would not display alternate languages.

If I were to say that it is not possible to run a multi-language example under the sneak preview edition, would I be correct? If not, what would I need to do?


Edit Point:

I downloaded the complete language application, and it does function properly for English.

But looking back on the tutorial version of the code, I noticed that the generated class "" got in a hosed state (everything says 'obsolete'). How does one get out of this state?

// ---- content of obsolete user coding area(s) ----
//@@begin obsolete:javadoc:onActionRent(ServerEvent)
//  /** Declared validating event handler. */
//@@begin obsolete:wdDoExit()
//@@begin obsolete:imports
//@@begin obsolete:javadoc:wdDoExit()
//  /** Hook method called to clean up controller. */
//@@begin obsolete:others
//@@begin obsolete:wdDoInit()
//@@begin obsolete:onActionRent(ServerEvent)
//	String vehicleType = wdContext.currentContextElement()
//	.getVehicleType();
////	  if no vehicleType was choosen
//	if (vehicleType == null){
//	MessageManager msg = (MessageManager) wdComponentAPI
//	.getMessageManager();
//	msg.reportMessage(IMessageLanguagesComp.NO_CAR,	null,	false);
//	}
////	  if a vehicleType
//	else{  
//		wdThis.wdFirePlugOutRent(vehicleType);
//		}		  
// This continues but, you get the idea... everything is commented-out.

Second edit point:

By renaming the generated file in the navigator view (essentially eliminating it), I was able to get past the problem. I had to also eliminate These may be found in gen_wdp/packages/.../wd/languages.

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1 Answer

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    Posted on Jun 18, 2004 at 03:50 PM

    Hi Dale,

    this was a bug in earlier versions of NDS (still evident for your Sneak Preview Version, i'm afraid). Simply <b>don't touch</b> .xlf or language-related property files, it will in most cases lead to the behaviour you mentioned.

    As i've read in another topic, a new WebAS preview version will be available at August this year, where this should be fixed i guess.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Michael,

      thank you very much for the hint! So, it's one step forward (no more "code crashs") but still to wait for a really working version (maybe this is already fixed in SP6).

      Thanks again.