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Former Member
Jan 12, 2011 at 11:33 PM

appraisal document iview not showing custom sub-statuses


we are using flexible appraisal under ECC6.0 EnhP4

We created a custom sub-status in OOHAP_BASIC called "Manager Sign-Off" and assigned it to the standard status "In Planning". Then we created a process step in IMG "Define tabs and process configuration for template" called "Manager Sign-Off" and assigned it to custom substatus "Manager Sign-Off" created in the previous step.

when we launch the iView "Appraisal Document", the process step "Manager Sign-Off" does not show up in the roadmap component of the iView, only the process phases (process statuses) 'In Planning', 'In Process' etc show up..

other than that, the process flow works fine, using pushbuttons we are able to move the document to the custom sub-status "Manager Sign-Off" it is just that the sub-status is not showing up in the roadmap part of the iView..

can someone explain:

- are sub-statuses supposed to show in the roadmap component of the iView "appraisal document"

- what do we need to do to show them