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Jan 12, 2011 at 10:24 PM

Undeploy of SAP_BUILDT and EP_BUILDT



We have a test server where the SAP_BUILDT and EP_BUILDT Java SCAs were accidentally deployed (via JSPM). We are looking for any ideas on how to undeploy these SCAs.

We have done searches on Google and SAP Notes to no avail.

Attempting to remove them with the SDM requires that we identify the deployment components that we want to remove, however looking at the ComponentInfo page from the server indicates there are no deployed components for these two modules. There doesn't appear to be any other way to remove these SCAs short of wiping out the Java install and performing a Java Add-in installation.

This is hampering our test upgrade to EhP4 as Maintenance Optimizer does not build these two SCAs into the XML file it uses to drive the upgrade, even though it does download them as part of the Java SP Stack.

If anyone has a less destructive and time consuming solution, we would welcome it.

Thanks in advance,

Conrad Thonger