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Jan 12, 2011 at 08:44 PM

Enabling SSO on BOBJ LINUX Platform


I have been researching SSO solution for our BOBJ LINUX implementation and would like to verify what I found so far. Since we are running BOE on LINUX the only option we have for SSO is to use LDAP with SiteMinder ? Is this a true statement ?

I did find oss note 1537480 that explains best practices for setting up SSO with BOE CMS on UNIX or Linux and does not mention Siteminder. Does this note assume that your web server farm is running on Windows platform ? I am trying to avoid setting up SiteMinder if I can.

Our platform is running on LINUX including our Tomcat web servers with BOE version XI 3.1 SP3.

One additional note I found in the SP3 admin guide

"These methods of single sign-on support is available on Windows or Unix, with either any supported web application server for the platform.

u2022 LDAP with SiteMinder.

u2022 Trusted Authentication.

u2022 Windows AD with Kerberos


Windows AD with Kerberos is supported if the Java application is on UNIX.However, the BusinessObjects Enterprise services need to run on a Windows server.

The following table describes the methods of single sign-on support for the InfoView and CMC that are available."

Thanks for your help in advance.