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Jan 12, 2011 at 03:40 PM

Selection formula sporadically does not push to database.


On CR 2008, SP3 - Oracle 10 database using native connection, report called from VB.NET:

We have a process that iteratively loads an .RPT, prints to file and inserts file into database. Report is fairly complex, 15 subs, lots of groups, etc. When we run this report on a somewhat large database (source tables range from 1M to 6M rows), it will process just fine for several iterations (10 to 30), but then it will run and NOT push selection criteria to the database via the SQL Query. We're watching the queries in the database as it runs, and see that every so often it fails to send the where clauses. With 5M rows, this causes a significant delay as it pulls all the rows in and applies selection criteria locally.

We're very experience CR developers (partners). I'm pretty sure we haven't missed anything. The main report and all subs have been reviewed to make sure that "Use Indexes Or Server For Speed" is selected, and that no selection formulas include native CR functions that would prevent the selection formula from being pushed to the server. When reviewed in design mode, SQL Queries for main and all subs show with WHERE clauses.

Any thoughts for anything else we can review?

Does anyone know exactly what criteria CR uses to determine whether to push the selection formula to the server (other than what I mention above)?

Thanks, Bill

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