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Jan 12, 2011 at 07:03 AM

Retail business scenario


Dear Gurus,

scenrio is that my client wants to do business with retial shopkeepers on profit sharing basis and requirement is that as end customer is billed (walking customer) two revenues should be credited

one is company revenue( at Distributor price)

and other is retialer margin (it should be accrued to seperate revenue account)

All the expenses of retial shops will be posted with referance to cost center and after specified period end profit will be shared between partners on agreed sharing basis

now i have configured two seperate GLS one for company revenue and one for retial shop revenue. a new cost center and profit center master records created and profit center attached in cost center master records

now my issue is how i can take sperate report which only show retail shop revenue and shop expenses. i efforted the following

i made retial shop revenue as revenue element and attached profit center (1003 created for retial shop) in OKB9. as i run S_alr_87013340 report at profit center 1003. it gives me detial of expenses posted through cost center and there is no revenue posting on this profit center

actual revenue posting has been made by system on the profit center attached in Material master of Finish Good being sold

my question is how i can take profitibility of retial shop only (revenue of retial shop posted on seperate GL less cost to seperate cost center)

if i make a GL revenue element and assign profit center to it, why profit center report does not show revenue posting to this Profit center

please reply urgently