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Jan 11, 2011 at 08:39 PM

Source List and Subcontractor stock link during MRP?


Following is our business model.

Demand is at the SKU level. We run MPS at the SKU level

SKU is external procurement - Subcontracting process.

BOM materials are procured and issued to subcontractor vendor using 541.

Thus BOM lies as special stock O at subcontractor (CM vendor)

IndReq at SKU level results in Planned orders for SKU which are converted into Subcon POs.

BOM components are consumed with 543 when we GR the SKU.

Pegged Req due to SKU result in PldOrd for the BOM components

During MRP we want the BOM components to consume the qty at Subcon vendor before generating new PldOrd.

During MRP this quantity was ignored as it was at Subcontractor location as special stock O.

However, when we maintained a source list for the SKU with the Subcon vendor and MRP indicator 1, MRP

considered the stock available for planning for the BOM components. This gives us the desired result.

But we are trying to understand the connection between Source list and inclusion of stock at vendor during MRP calculations.

Any explanations will be very helpful.

Thank you in advance