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Jan 11, 2011 at 08:11 PM

HCM Performance Management - Delegation to an Administrative Assistant


All - One problem that I am working my way through is the requirement that my managers be able to declare another employee (Their admnistrative assistant) as a delegate, who has full access to see and update the performance appraisal.

The approach that I am considering is to enable the Manager to declare his/her delegate which will update all of their appraisals to include the delegate as a further participant.

At appraisal document creation, we would not know who the delegates are, so we could not use the HRHAP00_DEF_DO, default further participants to update the document at that point.

The appraisal template has been modified to include Further Participant. Also, I am assuming that I will have to use the Column Access BADI to enable the delegate to have full update capability.

Are we on the right track or does anyone have suggestions. Has anyone dealt with delegation in their solution ?

Chris Thomas

Duke University and Health System