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Jan 11, 2011 at 04:04 PM

Require Additional Tab when we get the F4 help in PA30 for field PERNR


Hi Experts,

My requirement is to Provide additional tab when we press the F4 in transactio code PA30 for Field PERNR.

The search criteria will be same as standard - Last Name and First Name. But after that the following fields should be returned (in this order):

 Last Name: PA0002- NACHN

 First Name:PA0002- VORNA

 Personnel No: PA0003- PERNR

 Personnel Area: PA0001- WERKS

 Personnel Subarea: PA0001- BTRTL

 Org Unit Name: PA0001- ORGEH

 Position title: Based on PLANS from PA0001 we need to pull position title from table T528T- PLSTX.

I have created separate Elementary search help along with database view which has all the above fields. also i have used the Search help exit same as standard one HRMC_PREM_EXIT_A. I have added this elementary search help to standard collective search help PREM - under the tab Included Search Help.

The issue is I am able to see this additional tab but when i am trying to search for particular last name and first name combination, I am getting 2 records. If I will not put any criteria then it is showing more than 2 records for each employee... I want single record based on the selected criteria

Please help me to get this issue resolved <removed by moderator>


<removed by moderator>

Thanks in Advance.

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