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Jan 11, 2011 at 03:11 PM

Storage bin WMS does not exist (check your entry)u201D but I've created bins


Hi Gurus

I'm trying to make a GR 101 mvt type for a PO I'am not an expert on WM but I'm trying to configure also WM but I get this error while trying to receive, u201CStorage bin WMS does not exist (check your entry)u201D, My question is why the system is trying to enter the material into that "WMS Bin??" WMS is actually the name of my Warehouse Complex Number and I have created bins through ls01n for WH# WMS and storage type AMP

Any ideas on why is this happening? I also have not mantained any bin in material master WM2 View but already tried putting one of the created bins on the WM2 and still the error comes

I want to manage with WM my raw materials and Finished Goods but in my process I have production and I want to transfer materials from raw material warehouse ( I dont know if this shouls be just a storage location or a storage type) to the production storage location but this I dont need to use WM, and after production takes place I want to receive the FG into a WM managed storage location

Please give me your valuable thoughts