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Jan 11, 2011 at 02:20 PM

INFOSATZ rec is not getting created in CDHDR table for InfoRec Condition



Please help me if any one knew about issue of change pointer with ME13 inforecord condition.

1). First time , When I create a Info-Rec CONDITION (ME13) , It creates change pointer records in CDHDR table with COND_A and INFOSTZ with status "I" indicate insert .

2). When I update existing Info-Rec Condition , It still creates COND_A , INFOSATZ records in CDHDR table with status u201CUu201D indicate update to existing condition record of same info-rec.

3). Now I am trying Create New Condition record ( by selecting NEW VALIDIY PERIOD button on the condition screen popup for 2nd time to the same info-record ) with new future date (e.g 02/15/2011 u2013 02/27/2011 ) , Its creating a change pointer in CDHDR table with only one entry with object class COND_A with status u201CUu201D But no record getting created with INFOSATZu2019 .

This is the issue I have it. My WorkFlow process start based on the INFOSATZ record created with status u201CIu201D in the CDHDR table. But INFOSTZ record is not getting created in the change pointer table for any 2nd time creation of Condition records to the same Info-record (with future dates ). ( we already knew that CDPOS is getting updated).

Why it is not creating INFOSTZ object record in CDHDR table for any 2nd time creation of condition records to the same info-rec ? Do I need to install any sap note? is there any solution ? Please help me.



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