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Jan 11, 2011 at 01:06 PM

Incorrect Ord. Depreciation on Asset revaluation - ECC6.0


Hi there,

I am currently facing problems in asset Revaluation.

Created an asset from AS01, posted acquisition f-90 on 01/01/2010 with amount 10,000 , TTYPE:100 (External Asset Acquisition), Dep Calculation is based on percentage which is 15%, which would be 1500 yearly (1500/12 = 125 monthly).System is calculating it accordingly with no errors.

In Period 6 , I am posting a revaluation via transaction ABAW (Balance sheet Revaluation) for amount 2,000. After posting, when I check in asset explorer for this particular asset , system displays the correct APC amount including the revaluation (which is 10000+2000 =12000).

However, when I look at depreciation figures in 'Posted Value' Tab month wise, it is showing correct depreciation amounts up till period 5 (before revaluation) i.e 125 for each period. But in period 6, it displays "'275" (which is 125 + 15% of 2000 for up to 6 months i.e. from acquisition period to revaluation period, rather than for 6th period only) and from Period 7 it shows the right figure which is 150 = (125 + 25(15% x 2000/12)). Technically what system supposed to be doing is applying the change in depreciation from period 6 onward which would be (150).

My client wants the depreciation for revalued amount from the month the asset is revalued and not from the original acquisition period.

Please help



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