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Jan 10, 2011 at 08:48 PM

Ext Lib with Mobile Application for Handheld


I've created an external library DC with public parts to expose a jar file to other development components. I created an enterprise application with a dependency on the external library in order to deploy the external library to the application server. I created a mobile application UI component with a dependency on the enterprise application and external library. Everything builds, deploys, and runs OK locally.

When I try to upload the enterprise application (EAR) to the DOE using T-Code SDOE_UPLOAD_ARCHIVE, I get the message "File with Extension Other than SDA/SCA Encountered: Could Not Upload It!".

I can convert the EAR file to a SDA using the utility make_SDA.bat located in C:\usr\sap\ce1\j00\j2ee\deployment\scripts. However, when uploading the resulting SDA file to the DOE using SDOE_UPLOAD_ARCHIVE, I get the message "Non Mobile SDA Encountered".

How do I upload the external library development component to the DOE?

Or is there another way to create/use an external library within a mobile handheld application?

Thanks for the replies.