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Jan 10, 2011 at 11:52 AM

Displaying the selected prompt values in the report:



I have 3 level of hierarchies: Region, Country, Branch.

I have created a single prompt for a hierarchy. Instead of having 3 separate prompts for each level, I have created a derived table where it has a single prompt and all 3 values:

Region: all regions, Country: All country and Branch: All branches will be displayed.

User can select values from Region or Country or values from Region & Country, etc.

for ex:when I select LA from Region and US from Country then the report displays data for LA & also NA-US data.

So, in the report when I use Userresponse function, the value is displayed as LA;US

I want in the report to display my prompt values of the hierarchy in separate rows:

For ex: Region: LA

Country: US

As of now its displaying in a single row.

But I wanted to know whether it is possible to display in individual rows.

Thanks for your help in advance