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Former Member
Jan 10, 2011 at 08:26 AM

Problem with fan Trap.


Hi all,

I am having a problem resolving fan trap.

I am having a universe build over a MY SQL database.

The universe totaly consists of 4 tables and are related in the following way.

"A one to many B one to many C many to one D"

There are many 1-may joins between A and B and also between B and C.

There are measures and dimensions in A, B. And in C there are only measureas and 1 dimension.

When I pull the objects from all the three tables (A,B and C) there is a fan trap occuring and the values are getting inflated.

So I created an alias for B and defined a context for A, B and B alias and A,B and C. I have also checked the option of "Multiple SQL statements for different contexts."

But then I am trying to build a report in WebI and pulling the objects from both the unvierses there are 2 queries being generated and in the report, I am not able to pull the objects from different contexts into the same table.

If I select an object that is in context-1 the objects that are defined in context-2 are being dissabled and vise-versa.