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Jan 10, 2011 at 08:15 AM

Division-specific sales



Via sales document type we can configure for division-

specific sales.

I like to clarify what is meant by the following


"Whether the div on item level is copied from the material

master record or whether the div is in the document header

is also copied into the item."

Is this what is meant:

1. In a div-specific doc, you can only enter and save

materials that are assigned to div the same as the header

div .

2. If you enter material items in the doc and the material

is assigned to another div not the same as that in the

header, then this item cannot be saved in the doc.

If above are true, then could you clarify for me what is

meant by Copying? There seems to be no copying given that

materials are manually entered and the div is Derived by

the system.

Does 'copying' imply system determined div value ?

Furthermore, its not logical that just because a doc is

div-specific, the header div will be copied to the material

item div info field regardless of what div this entered

material is assigned to.

Or is the 'copying' meaning copy with reference?