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Jan 10, 2011 at 06:16 AM

Material replication from ECC to SRM


Dear SRM 7.0 Experts,

We are implementimg SRM 7.0 and we are trying to execute the Initial Load of materials into SRM 7 from ECC. We have completed all the Middleware settings and all the customising required for material replication. Whe we run the initial load (tcode R3AS) and select the first object DNL_CUST_BASIS3, it runs but the status remains "Running" in R3AM1. There is no errors in SMQ1as the entry runs and completes and therefore disappears. There is no errors recorded in SMW0 or SLG1 either. What could be the problem?

I checked in SMQ1 & SMQ2 as well, but there is no entries here for the object DNL_CUST_BASIS3. what we can do to resolve the issue ?