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Jan 08, 2011 at 04:00 PM

Issue MM01 screen enhancement



I have the requirement to add tab like basic data1 in material master (MM01,MM02,MM03) transactions and place z custom fields and ztable control in it so that the data placed in this zcustom fields and ztable control is updated to corresponding ztables but not any standard tables.

For the above requirement, I tried with the following solutions:

1. I went to spro and configured new tab basic data3 so that it gets displayed after basic data 1 and basic data2.

Then I placed my ztable fields and ztable control in this basic data3 tab.

But the problem here is, when I click on basic data1 tab from basic data3 tab it is not moving to basic data1 tab but control is staying in the basic data3 only.

since the navigation is not being possible between different tabs like from basic data1 to basic data 3 or from basic data2 to basic data3 etc., I am unable to fulfill the requirement with this approach

2. My client provided me the access key to add button in material master.

so to keep the button after check screen data button in material master , I went to its gui status DATE00 and added the button.

But the problem here is though I have added the button, it is not getting displayed after check screen data button. so I am unable to fulfill the requirement with this approach also though the access key is provided.

3. With the help of screen exit, I have added button in basic data1 tab in material master transaction(mm01,mm02,mm03).

I have developed the zapplication in module pool placing the required zfields and ztable control in it so that the respective ztables are updated while saving the data from this zapplication. Now I have created transaction code to this zapplication and called this zapplication from the above created button in screen exit.

I am successful in calling my zapplication from this button created in basic data1 through screen exit.

But when I click on back button(written the code - leave to screen 0) from my zapplication which is called, the control is not moving to basic data 1 but control is moving to basic data2.

This is happening some times. In some other times, when back button is clicked from my zapplication, a pop up is displayed with the following mesage:

last screen has been reached. do u want to exit.

if I click on no button, for the first time the control is staying in basic data1 only. Now again when I click on my button in basic data1 and then zapplication is called and now when I click on back button from zapplication again the same pop up will be displayed. now when I click on no button this time, the control is moving out of the entire transaction but not staying in basic data1 from which i called my ztransaction(zapplication)

Due to above disturbances in functionalities, I am unable to move forward with the above approach also.

4. I found the user exit in such a way that when I click on save button in material master, a pop up will be displayed to confirm whether the call my ztransaction or not. if clicked on yes button then my ztransaction will be called other wise it will not be called.

but my client is not happy with the above solution since the save button will be in deactive mode in mm03 transaction.

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Thanking u in advance.

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