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Jan 08, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Open PS - Date not in the factory calender (past)


Dear All,

Request you to give me your valid input to correct the error.

When I upload a project from MSP to SAP PS, I do get the following errors:

1. Date not in the factory calender (past)

2. Project PE-XXX-000 does not exist

3. WBS element PE-XXX-000.000 could not be created.

MS Proejct Data:

Start Date of the Project : 13.02.2010

Finish Date of the Project: 13.8.2012

I have imported the factory calender to MSP from SAP (2009 to 2015 calender imported)

In SAP, "Specify scheduling parameter node" - "Start in the Past" has been filled up as "999" and the scheudling type is "Backwards".

Apart from the above settings, do we have to make any further settings to avoid the error in question.