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IBASE problem during Automatic Ibase fetch in Scope in Request for Change in CHARM Solman 7.2?

Hello Experts,

We installed Solman 7.2 and would like to configure Charm.For that we created 5 clients (e.g 701,702,703,704,705) in Solman 7.2 I have created a solution (e.g Demo :Figure 1) in SOLADM and Logical component group (e.g ERP) and these clients belong there.Now I would like to configure Scope in Request for Change where, the client (e.g 701/702) should automatically appear when I select "general change/normal change " as shown in Figure 3. I tried to configure IBase for Charm using IB51,IB52,IB53 but was not successful (Figure 2).

Now in Figure 4 .I don't know if I need to create phase cycle.Figure 5 shows example of Project. So please guys suggest me step by step procedure for this.

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Please suggest some solutions.

Thanks ℜgards

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1.png (28.6 kB)
2.png (59.6 kB)
2.png (59.6 kB)
3.png (103.4 kB)
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7 Answers

  • Dec 19, 2016 at 01:24 PM

    Ok, many questions in one question here :\

    1) a development branch is an optional branch (so you would have to create this in soladm) which is meant to be used in case you have a dual landscape, for example

    Production branch prd
    Maintenance branch de1 - qa1
    Development branch de2 - qa2

    So this would only make sense if you for a second landscape (potentially with multiple systems / more systems even) and you want to use CHARM retrofit functionality.

    2) a project in SolMan 7.2 <> a project in SolMan 7.1. A project in SolMan 7.2 = IT PPM project so really project management. Project management can be linked with CHARM but if you use standard CHARM functionality and not IT PPM this block will always be empty.

    Landscape / branch is what defines your CHARM relevant systems and cycle (and task list underneath the cycle)

    As you noticed task list creation is part of the cycle, from within a newly created cycle, you can create a task list for that cycle. You're configuration is not good which is why your cycle creation fails. Your TMS configuration is not properly done so you need to fix that error message "no consolidation system ..." before you can continue using next and actually define your landscape.

    3) you can use CHARM in combination with Process Management and Project Management but I would advise you to first get the basics down before you start combining scenario's

    4) I don't dare to tell based on all what you've got going there I would need to get decent view on what you've done but I would say get the other stuff in order first

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  • Dec 12, 2016 at 07:48 AM

    Hi Biral

    You should only assign your productive system to your productive branch and all non productive systems to your maintenance branch. Looking at your screenshot, that seems wrong right now as I can see your productive system is assigned to your maintenance branch as well for example.

    Best regards


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  • Dec 12, 2016 at 09:54 AM

    Hello Tom,

    Thank You very much.Actually ,when i created Solution "DEMO" in T-code soladm,Solman automatically created Production branch and Maintenance branch.I don't have any sap systems configured to Solman 7.2.Its new installed recently.

    I created 5 clients (e.g 701,702,703,704,705) in Solman 7.2 and these clients appeared in dummy name "ERP" in Soladm.

    Do i need some roles/authorizations?.I am not getting the soladm screen like this one in below link.≈i=v2

    I edit the Solution as below.Now ,Maintenance branch shows all the clients but still as shown in figure 3,when i select in Scope ,the system does not appears automatically.Where do i need to configure?


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  • Dec 14, 2016 at 11:57 AM

    Hi Biral,

    first yes you can configure additional clients in Solman 7.2 to setup a ChaRM and it works as have many internal system designed like that for training testing etc.

    However it doesn't work the way you have depicted like just creating a solution it won't work you also need to configure the Solman_setup-ChaRM wizard and do need to create cycle for maintenance etc.

    you need to refer below to address you basic queries.

    specifically below one

    further you need visit the knowledge transfer for charm∁any=learninghub

    once you finish above then you will be able to setup it up correctly.

    please come back incase of issue further.



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  • Dec 19, 2016 at 11:21 AM

    Hallo Prakhar,

    Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I don’t have any access to Sucessfactor. For our demo ChaRM project, we want to used General Change(like Normal Change but without transport) in Request for Change without any transport. Therefore I have configured ChaRM without any “Managed System setup” and “Deploy ChaRM to Managed System Landscape”.

    Clients 701-705 are created in Solman 7.2 for General Change and will be used for Request for Change.

    The following are the questions below.

    1) I am able to create Production and Maintenance branch in Soladm but why can’t Development branch? There is no option visible for that. You can see the five clients in LMDB.

    2) I have created Request for change. Why there is blank in Project field? You can see the screenshot of Phase Cycle “Demo“. Why Landscape field in phase cycle not visible? I aspect clients and system in Landscape field. Is there any interlink between Phase Cycle and Project ?

    Since we do not want any transport ,while creating Phase cycle, we are getting below warning .

    3) In Project Management, is there any configured do I need for my Request for Change? Where Solution documentation would appears in Request for Change? By clicking change Cycle “demo” in Solution Documentation, new link appear with business processes. Is there something need to be configured here?

    4) Why no client (.eg 701) is visible while selecting “General Change” in Scope?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Hi Biral,

      First you should not post too many different questions as one Question, please follow the forum rules.

      Secondly you need to have S User ID or check within your company to get access to it so that you can go through RKT or learning maps for Solution Manager 7.2 as you are mixing many things into one.

      e.g. You are highlighting Project fields but they belong to ITPPM part in RfC and its integration with ChaRM which is not required for ChaRM as a general or basic requirement

      for creating branches like development you need to do right click after selecting production branch in Soladm and it will give you a pop up

      I have shared below link already so kindly check below

      kindly refer above



  • Dec 19, 2016 at 03:43 PM

    Hello Tom,

    Thank you for your reply. Since I am new to SolutionManager, maybe I missed some configuration. As far as I know, for General Change in Request for Change, there is no need of TMS configuration.

    As per link

    "Since the General Change is not transporting a change, but rather is a manual process, there is no Transport Request and, thus, no Transport Management assignment block"

    Actually we don’t have any system ,only Solman 7.2 .Five clients are created within Solman which will be assigned to Solution.

    e.g. soladm

    Solution :DEMO

    Production branch: client 701 (production client)

    Maintennance branch : 702(development client) 703 (Test Client)

    Development branch: 702(development client) 703 (training Client)

    Best Regards

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  • Jan 02, 2017 at 08:14 AM

    Hello Prakhar,

    Thank youActually we need ITPPM for our Request for change.In Solman_setup,PM ist alreay configured.How do i get visible the project fields in Request for Change?

    @Prakhar:May be if you have time can we have teamviewer session?

    Best Regards

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