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Jun 08, 2004 at 02:21 PM

Interuppting/debugging response from Gentran


Hi All;

Does anyone know if it is possible -- in SAP, not Gentran -- to debug the changing of the IDoc status from 03 to 04 to 05 for the outbound EDI IDocs? We are in a situation, which is far too long to describe, in which the EDI translation is successful through Gentran but in SAP the IDocs are ending up in status 5.

My un-educated guess is that Gentran is passing something back to SAP, SAP is looking at it and making the determination that the translation failed. That leaves two questions:

1) How can I find out what Gentran is passing to SAP?

2) What function in SAP is being executed to process the data from Gentran?


John Carlson

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