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Jan 07, 2011 at 08:31 PM

Hierarchical prompts that aren't


I am using the BOE web services SDK to retrieve and display reports in a custom .NET web application UI.

I can retrieve prompt info on all defined reports, and retrieve data (in all available formats) for reports that do not have prompts defined.

However, the framework does not return any data when there are any prompts defined on a report. The DocumentInformation object comes back with a NULL CurrentReportstate. This is true when passing FillPrompts or not.

On further examination, i noticed that a subset of prompts are of LovDisplaytype HIERARCHICAL (as seen in the PromptInfo), but the PromptToBeFilled property is NULL. IMO, these prompts (from and to date, and regular text input prompts without LOVs)

should be STANDARD types.

The report designer does not show any of those prompts to be nested, and the prompt properties don't have an option to specify its type. Could anyone shed some light on why those prompts might be coming across as Hierarchical without a PrompttoBeFilled, and if and how it is possible to change them to STANDARD prompts?