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Jan 07, 2011 at 08:19 PM

XIr3 SP3 Java SSO & SSO2DB


Trying to get SSO and vintela working all the way through to the SQL Server database. Using 3.1 SP3.

1. I can successfully log into InfoView -- infoview logs me in without prompting, and it recognizes me in infoview and the AD groups are all mapped correctly.

2. In the web cms config for Windows AD, I have checked off "Cache security context".

3. The ODBC connection for the universe is using windows authentication. I can log into Designer and see tables.

4. I modified the krb5.ini file to include "forwardable=true".


When I try to refresh a report in InfoView, I get an ODBC error "login failed for user (null). Not associated with a trusted connection".

From reading these forums, it seems like we need to generate a SPN for the SQL Server connection (MSSQLSvc), correct?

Is this SPN and service name supposed to reference the server name of the BusObj server, or the SQL Server? (SQL Server is running on a machine remote to BusinessOBjects, and is running under a different service account.)

Meaning, for "server" in this string...: SetSPN u2013a MSSQLSvc/ SPNAccount

I tried creating an SPN assuming the BusObj server name, but that didn't work.


Edited by: Doug Newton on Jan 7, 2011 3:30 PM