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Jan 07, 2011 at 02:59 PM

Issues with sfc status and packing


Hi to everyone, it's my first post here

we have simple but yet annoing issues on our production site.

1. we have on SFC present 8 months in operation ADE-s active work list (ADE=automated depaneling) with SFC status invalid. It stays in operation and can not be deleted, removed, or signed off. It is also not possible to place it in queue on another step or move by SFC step status because: "SFC "EE100922000785" cannot be processed; it has the status "Invalid" (Message 13973)"What is SAP-s way to get rid of it?

Or is only method manual deletion from Wip database?

2. Similar annoyance with packing.

Simple container, lets call tray_of_3 with allowed quantity from 1 to 3 products.

Container is always named as C+"first packed products SFC number"

now, we have such container, which contains 3 products (means full), and containers state, is open.

we can not close it, because quantity shown is = 0. No possibliity to add, because those products are allready "packed onto it"

Same time packing report, shows all three products, as member of container, what is not closed.

We can not remove products from container either, because they are not listed (quantity zero), so nothing ro remove, but virtually they are still in container.

There is now way, as far i know, to delete unpacked container or remove it, in SAP ME

Question, how to overcame issue and pack produckts validly?

We use SAP ME, but first SFC issue was present already in

Any ideas?