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Jan 07, 2011 at 02:34 PM

If i do changes on table - no danger to entries



We have DEV100 as golden client and DEV200 as testing client.

There was a Z table and this Z table has 45 entries/data in DEV200 testing client.

The Field, Data Element columns of this 'Z' table looks like below,

Field------Data Element
VTWEG-----ZZVTWEG Attachment of a search help to the data element Z_VTWEG_S_HELP 

ZZVTWEG has been attached a Search help, named Z_VTWEG_S_HELP

Now I need to change the VKORG attached data element from ZVKORG to ZZVKORG

Note, this ZVKORG data element has also used in one of the custom search help.

Also i need to change search help name from Z_VTWEG_S_HELP to ZVTWEGHELP

Pls let me know

1) If I go ahead and change this data element from ZVKORG to ZZVKORG and ACTVATing the table in client 100, Wht happens to the 45 entries in client200? do i loose them?

2) Is my change do any harm to the existing custom search help?

3) If i do change the name of this search help from Z_VTWEG_S_HELP to ZVTWEGHELP, Do I loose these 45 entries in 200 client? because, in this Z table, the search help name also will be changed automatically right (on change of name of attached search help to this data emelent of ZZVTWEG)?

Thank you