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Former Member
Jan 06, 2011 at 06:39 PM

Unable to close LIMIT TYPE PO's


Hi all,


For a limit PO,can we change the A/c assignment data if there are nofollow on docs(No GR and INvoice) created??

Also we have a limit type PO,which is now error in process.We are trying to close the PO by checking on the indicators"No further confirmations expected " and "No further invoices expected " ,but when we do so,the indicator for confirmation becomes unchecked,the status of PO goes "error in Process" and in backend monitor I see the foll erros:

PO 3900000100: Instance 3900000100 of object type PurchaseOrder c ould not be changed

PurchOrder 3900000100: Purchase order still contains faulty items

PO 3900000100: In case of account assignment, please enter acc. a ssignment data for item

PurchOrder 3900000100: Transfer failed

Another observation : These PO's are created directly in SRM and not from Shopping carts in Sourcing.They have no follow on dcouments too.

Can someone tell me how do I close this PO now??