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Tableview Select Rows


I have a Tableview multiselect.

I need to put some of those check boxes onCreation already selected. How can I do it ?

I have a field on my interanl table that represents this, how can I connect to the checkbox on the tableview ?



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SDN is <b>NOT</b> the place for urgent requests. If you have needed business case to fly at this attitude, then OSS is the only option. SDN is about community, about helping when one has time, about giving and taking. Urgent stuff means business is burning, and it does not belong in SDN.

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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jun 04, 2004 at 11:30 AM

    Have you already tried to use iterators?

    Dany 😊

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    • >> Look at the <bsp:testSuite> and <bsp:testCase> tags.

      >Compiler does not recognise these two elements. What >service pack is needed in order to obtain them?

      They are in a different library, which by accident is called bsp. Just add a <%@extension name="bsp" prefix="bsp"%>.

      Running the test program SBSPEXT_HTMLB, as I wrote before, would have shown you how these tags work, and also shown you in what library they are placed (and if you have them in your SP). Somewhere around 28-32 we added them for our own testing purposes.


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    Former Member
    Aug 12, 2004 at 04:42 PM

    Check out these links for more info on tableView and iterator and check out Brian McKellar's web logs on Event handling.

    BSP Element - Dynamic tableView with Internal Table

    For the checkboxes in the cell's that's easily done with the Iterator.

    For pre-selecting rows, well you can look at this tableView MULTISELECT reading first record in tableview to see how we deal with the data once it's selected. I would say that if you understand what to do with it once it's selected you could probably do it in reverse to pre-select the data.

    Remember the Iterater renders the cell output but the "PREVSELECTEDROWINDEXTABLE" shows which rows are selected.

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    • Former Member Brian McKellar

      Hello Brian,

      Great to hear. However, once you get used to use SE80 navigation, It is not that critical anymore (except for getting to know details). I often tend to use docs and not to refer the actual implementation, that is a pitfall sometimes for me 😊



  • Aug 12, 2004 at 05:39 PM

    Please read <a href="/people/brian.mckellar/blog/2004/06/11/bsp-trouble-shooting-getting-help">BSP Trouble Shooting: Getting Help</a> to get a feeling of where to look.

    The attribute you are interested looks to be selectedRowIndexTable. See SBSPEXT_TABLE, page TableViewMultiSelect.bsp.

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