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Jan 06, 2011 at 09:18 AM

EXPORT filter values to PDF with WAD


Dear WAD-Gurus,

I don't manage to add filter selection in the pdf export.

PROCEDURE: I have a web template with table/graph, which I can perfectly export with an export to pdf button.

This is done via a button group (button1), with export function set on proposal value.

In order to export the filter selection, I made a second button group (button2) referring to 0analysis_pattern_export (in my case: zanalysis_pattern_export, with correct DataProvider link).

In button1, i added an extra web element (button2) to be exported to pdf.

WHAT I THINK MIGHT BE WRONG: button group might be wrong, and should be info field (let's say 'info1'), BUT I don't know how to link it to zanalysis_pattern_export???

Then to add web element info1 in button1. Tried it but as long as I can't link it to zanalysis_pattern_export, it can't work.

I know and checked lots of info on the topic, but it didn't work.

Hopefully my stepwise description allows helpful input.

Many Thx in advance!!