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Jan 05, 2011 at 08:13 PM

FAGLL03 Special Field Values Do Not Display in Production


We are using the new GL in ECC 6. I have a strange problem where special fields that were added to the line item transactions display in dev and quality but not in production. Please read the steps that I have taken.

1. Using note 984305 we defined special field BSEG-MATNR using this path:

Financial Accounting (New) 
  General Ledger Accounting (New) 
    Master Data 
      G/L Accounts 
        Line Items 
          Define Special Fields for Line Item Display

This field (U_MATNR) displays correctly in FAGLL03.

2. I used note 1034354 to create an implementation of BAdI 'FAGL_ITEMS_CH_DATA. Then I

followed the documentation of the BAdI to create structure CI_FAGLPOSX within FAGLPOSX and added these fields:

Material Type: field MARA-MTART

Material Group: MARA-MATKL

I added code to method CHANGE_ITEMS to read for those fields. Here's part of the code:

* MARA - Get Material Type and Material Group 
    SELECT SINGLE mtart matkl 
      FROM mara 
      INTO (wa_items-zzmtart, wa_items-zzmatkl) 
      WHERE matnr = wa_items-u_matnr.

The values of these fields display correctly in development and quality, but they do not display in production.

3. When I debugged FAGLL03 in development I found that the value of U_MATNR was filled when I stopped at method CHANGE_ITEMS. However, when I debugged in production, U_MATNR was not filled. It had to be filled at a later time because the value appears on the report. In my code, I am using U_MATNR to find the values of material type and material group. Because U_MATNR doesn't have a value at that point in time in production, my code doesn't find material type or material group.

4. I contacted SAP and was instructed to use note 984305. I executed the function module

ITEM_STRUC_EXTENSION which did not help.

5 I also used note 205096 to execute report BALVBUFDEL, but this did not help either.

6. At this point, SAP told me that it is a consulting issue. I'm not sure that it is because I'm using SAP solutions without modifying anything.

7. I tried to compare configuration between development and production, but everything looked OK to me.

Has anyone had this problem? Any tips?