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Jan 05, 2011 at 05:49 PM

CATS--- How it is transferred to plant Maintenance module


Hello HCM Guys,

Currently we are confirming Manhours using IW41 against the reservations of the respective manhours made in the Maint work order.After confirmation , the cost of the manhours is accumulated on the work order which is settled on the sender Cost Center maintained in the Work center master data. After TECO of the work order, Settlement of the maint work order is done in Controlling module thru KO88/KO8G(mass) and the cost transferred from the sender to the receiver cost center maintained in the CO during month end closure activity before period end close. Also standard Activity re-evaluation is done for consecutive month activity price update thru the link of activity type---Cost center assignment. This is the standard process of confirmation of manhours in SAP.

Now since the business needs indiviual employee manhours confirmation(Internal and external employees(Contractors), I understand it can be achieved by the CATS component of HR module. I understand that in this process of CATS we do the daily attendance/absence/overtime thru the standard data entry profile maintained in CATS by HR team. After the employee has entered his daily time sheet and released, it is approved by Time administrator of HR dept which finally goes to Manager-HR for his approval. The approved time sheet manhours are then transferred to respective module like PS, PM, CS modules. As we have never used this before I wnat to know how the transfer of costs happen when transfer to Plant Maintennace module is done. How the cost gets booked. How the cost is charged and transferred to payroll in PM...Does this happen against Maint Orders or CO Internal orders?Please explain me the detail procedure after transfer of manhours to Plant maintenance module and the cost transfer to respective receivers from sender objects....


Murad Shaikh