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Dec 08, 2016 at 06:17 PM

2LIS_03_BF load into PSA and then retain it


Hi Gurus,

Currently we are live with inventory management in BW. We are live since 2011. Now we have a requirement where in I need to get the movements from Jan 2016 to till date and store in the DSO.

PSA doesn't have data. So what I am going to do is
1. Fill up the set up tables for BF from Jan 2016 till date
2. Create a FULL info package and extract data into PSA.
3. Create a DTP and extract the data into DSO.

After successful load into DSO, I will delete that full update request from PSA so that it wont go into other targets. From next day deltas will go as usual to new dso and other targets.

is my approach right?

Next Question is
How can i retain that full update request in PSA without loading into other data targets. I would like to keep this data for few days and then delete. Is there any way??