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Jan 04, 2011 at 11:18 AM

Document templates with reference not working anymore with CRM2007 on SP7


Since we upgraded our CRM system(v 2007) to SP7 we are facing a serious problem with our document templates. The document templates do not contain any reference anymore (e.g. BP name and address details). This issue is a showstopper for the SP upgrade to go live in production.

We have taken the following actions to get it work again but all without any success:

- We have regenerated the webservice again (CRMOST_GENERATION);

- Created the webservice again and generate it (CRMOST_GENERATION);

- Run CRMOST_GENSTATUS_MONITOR for correponding webservice: status OK

-> when debugging /CRMOST/Z_D007_READ I see in table LT_MESSAGES: "Invalid mainobject: GDCOIRoot

Also, we investigated SAP note: 1329961 and notes related to CRM-BF-COM in SAPKU70007.

It looks like a bug in the new programming. When using standard SAP mainobject GDCOI no reference is taking into account anymore.

To visualize the issue for you, I will describe for you the steps how we can reproduce the issue:

- Within Account ID we identify an account and confirm account;

- Now when we create a service ticket we can enter some additional information in fields;

- We save the ticket and select the "Create a new letter" icon and select a document template;

- Now Word with XML is openened but WITHOUT taking any reference from confirmed account and service ticket.

I can not imagine we are the only customer with CRM2007 on SP7 and is using document templates who is facing this issue.

I really would appreciate it if anyone could help us in any way.