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Jan 04, 2011 at 11:05 AM

Company Loan Infotype


Dear Experts,

I have a query on company loan IT0045 I have configured all the IMG setting for the same and durring maintaining this infotype for one test case I got some confusion as like

1. In the IT 0045 in Conditions Tab i found there are two interest rate filds like Indiv. interest rate and Efective interest rate. in this first filed is open for maintaining but another field is blocked. when I have run my payroll after maintaing this I checked this Infotype and I found in the Effective Interest rate their some value appeared automatically. I don't know how it comes. but I want to know it,

So my query is what is the Effective interest rate and what is the difference between Indv. interest rate and Effective Interst rate.

Thanks in Advance