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Jan 04, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Active Directory SSO on BO Enterprise


Hi Guru's!

I've a simple question regarding BO Single Sign On.

I'm working on a customer with sharepoint AD authentication. For BI (BW) implementation everything working fine. Enterprise Portal Users are the same as Active Directory User. I've just create standard user on ABAP side with initial password.

Users who want to run report on enterprise portal automatically login into portal without credential popup.

Now we want to implement Business Objects Solutions on top of SAP BW and mantain the same logic. But Administration consultant says that's not possible.

At this moment the BO System ther's SAP Authentication but SAP Auth on ABAP Side, not on Active directory side.

I will try to explane:

- In AD System the user john had a password like john32 (manteined by AD). The user is automatically imported on BI/BW enterprise portal. In ABAP environement i've just to create john user with 12345678 password. John can log on enterprise portal without popup login but only with his credentials.

- Now, on BO Environement, administrator had set up system with SAP Authentication. User John does not exist on BO environement but exists on BI/BW System with initial password. Users can not access the BO portal with their AD credentials and they have to know ABAP Password.

I have heard directly from sap that there is a workaround to replicate the same situation as the BW portal, someone knows?

Thank you all for your help and sorry for my English is not perfect!

Cheers and best christmas wishes!