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May 28, 2004 at 05:53 AM

Instalation Problem on NetWeaver Developer Studio 6.4 (Sneak Preview)


This message appears during the MaxDB Database Internal Installation (post processing) process, so I can not continueÂ…

An error occurred while processing service Sneak Preview Edition of SAP Web Application Server Java 6.40> Install SAP Web Application Server Java 6.40. You may now

  • press 'Retry' to repeat the current step.

  • press the 'View Log' button to get more information about the error.

  • stop the task and continue with it later.

  • reset your input for the current task. In this case, SAPinst will permanently remove all installation files from the installation directory. This gives you the opportunity to restart from scratch.

<b>ERROR 2004-05-27 21:58:39 (This is another error before the next one)</b>FSH-00008 A system error occurred when executing function LookupAccountSid. ErrorNo=1332

<b>ERROR 2004-05-27 22:05:19</b>

CJS-00081 Assertion failed: in function sapdb_sql_query(db_nm, sql_s, db_node) { var ret_s = ""; var sdbInst = new sdbInstance(); sdbInst.dbName = db_nm; sdbInst.dbHost = (db_node == undefined) ? installer.getHostName() : db_node; var r_arr = sdb_sql_query(sql_s, sdbInst); ASSERT(arguments.callee, r_arr != undefined, "ERROR EXECUTING DBMCLI COMMAND!"); if (r_arr[0] == "false") { var err_msg = "ERROR EXECUTING SQL QUERY: "; for (var i_cnt = 1; i_cnt < r_arr.length; i_cnt++) { err_msg = err_msg + r_arr[i_cnt]; } ASSERT(arguments.callee, false, err_msg); } else { end_l = new RegExp("END"); for (i_cnt = 0; i_cnt < r_arr.length; i_cnt++) { if (end_l.test(r_arr[i_cnt])) { ret_s = r_arr[i_cnt + 1]; break; } } } return ret_s;}ERROR EXECUTING SQL QUERY: OKERR-24988,ERR_SQL: sql error-5015,Missing keyword:USERGROUP,TIMEOUT,STANDARD,RESOURCE,REPLICATION,NOT,LIKE,EXCLUSIVE,DBA,COSTWARNING,COSTLIMIT,CACHELIMIT