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May 27, 2004 at 12:30 PM

Canned BAPI's/BP's vs. Custom FM Development? Approach?



We're trying to come to a decision on a path forward for the portal and I'm hoping to draw on some of the group's experiences. By the way we are on EP5 SP5.

Our questions mainly have to do with developing custom vs. canned functionality for the portal.


1.) Do you rely on Business Packages for all / most / some / little / none of your delivered erp content?

2.) Function Modules / BAPI's - If you write custom iViews (Java, JSP, JCO, etc) do you rely on called BAPI's RC enabled iViews? Are most of your requirements met by available BAPI's for example or do you have to write RC enabled wrappers, copies, now programs to deliver requirements?

Hopefully from these two questions you see where I'm going. We've had some larger projects such as MSS that pretty much go by the book and implement a business package, but we also have some smaller requests come in around some of the MM roles, requisitioners, buyers, some sales roles, orders, complaints for which we are tempted to write custom iViews which may need custom function module work also. We're just trying to decide, from a strategic standpoint, on a sensible way to approach this. Your advice is greatly appreciated.