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Jan 04, 2011 at 05:04 AM

Input field - entry is not in the list of values



I have a very strange thing going on in my aPP.

I use an input field to which I attach an on Enter event.

When user presses 'Enter', a pop up window appears with the list of countries.

Selecting a country automatically puts this country into the input field. So far so good.

The problem, however, I am experiencing is in a situation where the user enters a valid value into the input field

without pressing 'Enter' and then continues pressing other buttons in the app. What happens is that the web dynpro framework immediately throws an exception saying the value is not in the set of accepted values.

I do not understand why the system throws such an exception if no set of values has yet been attached to the input field (by ImodifiableValueSet for example).

Any idea?

Thank you

yuval peery