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Dec 31, 2010 at 12:37 PM

NWDI Migration for Entire CE Landscape


Dear Experts,

We have planned NWDI rollout for our entire Composition Environment (CE) Landscape.

This means that, we will be doing migration of all the developments that are done in Local Environment (till date) to the Central NWDI Environment.

We are in CE 7.1 (EhP1, SP01)

So far everything has worked according to our plan.

Our CE Landscape leverages all the different varieties of Development Components (e.g. WebDynpro, Dictionary, EJB, Library, BPM/BRM etcu2026)

We have everything in place now as belowu2026

- For each project, we have separate Tracks created and ready.

- For all these Tracks, relevant DTR-Workspaces (Inactive & Active workspaces of DEVELOPMENT & CONSOLIDATION runtime systems are all created successfully)

- Also the relevant CBS-Buildspaces are also created successfully.

- All projects are in Consistent state in the Local environment.

- The all Local DCs were copied to the Track SC successfully.

- Project structures of all the DCs are created successfully.

- Build, Deployment and Testing in the development system is also succeeded.

- Entire source code of each project is now wrapped inside multiple activities.

From this point, I need clarifications on several things as explained belowu2026

Scenario 1:

1. We Check-In, Activate and Release all the activities containing the entire source code.

2. But, we do not import these activities into Consolidation system.

3. Now, we make some modification in the DC again that will be wrapped inside another isolated activity.

4. This time we Check-In, Activate and Release AS WELL AS Import this activity into consolidation system.

5. And then assemble and attach it to the CTS Transport Request created in Solution Manager.

6. And take it forward to the Quality server for deployment.

7. When we test the application in QA Server, the last modifications that were wrapped in the activity are not


8. But, In Development system the changes are very well reflected.

Now, as explained in above scenario the process is partial, as DTR Consolidation Work spaces (Inactive/Active) both were completely empty for the first time, because as mentioned in step-2 we did not import activity in CONS. But as explained in Step-4, when the latest modifications are imported in CONS and then after assembly state transported to Quality system the changes are not reflected.

Scenario 2:

1. Now, the pending activities containing entire source code (as explained in point number 2 in scenario 1) is imported and assembled.

2. And then the SCA is attached to the CTS Transport Request created in Solution Manager.

3. Forward to the Quality server for deployment.

4. Now, the changes are reflecting properly in Quality server.

From the above explained 2 scenario, it is clear that we canu2019t escape from the step of importing the activities containing the entire source code into consolidation system, as a onetime course of action, when we are rolling out NWDI.

Our main Concern here is to make sure that, redeployment of all the applications present in the entire landscape again in production (that will be coming via the route CONS >Assembly >QA) should not create any anomalous results, as we donu2019t want to take any chances with production system.

Is there any way by which we can start using NWDI without redeployment of all the applications present in the entire landscape again in production?

Please help me clear off these clouds of uncertainty.


Shreyas Pandya