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May 21, 2004 at 06:51 PM




I have been developing applications using JSPDynPage using PDK 5.0.

<b>File >New >SAP Portal development Tools >Portal Component Project >JSPDynPage.</b>

Now I have updated Eclipse( 2.1.3)plugins to

PDK 6.0(par), I would like to develop applications using JSPDynPage.

When I try the same procedure as above I can create JSPDynPages but the folder structure is not as the

PDK6.0(par) folder structure (portalapp.xml does not exist).

I have tried the following:

<b>File >New >Others >Portal Application >Create a portal Application Project</b>This creates a project with the PDK6.0(par) folder structure

(portalapp.xml file present)

<b>File >New >Others >Portal Application >Create a new portal Application Object >Select the above project created >Portal Component</b>

The java file creates a class that extends AbstractPortalComponent.

I would like to use JSPDynPage and not AbstractPortalComponent, can anyone help me as to how to create a portal component that uses JSPDynPage using the PDK6.0(par) folder structure.

Thank you,