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problem when adding SAP Table Wizard


I encounter the following problem when trying to use/add the SAP Table Wizard to the form. It gives me the following error

"The toolbox item for 'SAP Table Wizard' could not be retrieved from the toolbox. Make sure the assembly that contains the toolbox item is correctly installed. The toolbox item raised the following error: File or assembly name, or one of its dependencie, was not found."

While I do find the file in the folder, I'd be grateful if any advise can be given to me in order to solve the problem.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on May 21, 2004 at 08:09 AM

    Hello Francis,

    it's likely that there is a version problem on your machine, perhaps the toolbox item is from an older version of SAP .NET Connector. Please try the following steps:

    - Remove the "SAP Proxy" toolbox tab completely, including all items.

    - Exit VS

    - Restart VS.

    - Run the SAP Proxy Wizard and create a proxy. It doesn't matter what's in the proxy.

    - The toolbox tab should be regenerated.


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    • Hi Reiner,

      Many Thanks for your help and my problem is now solved.

      At first I suspect the error is caused by the Java runtime as I didn't notice my machine only has version 1.2 and so I install version 1.4 but the problem is still there.

      So follow your advises and the problem is solved.

      Many Thanks.