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May 17, 2004 at 07:40 PM

SAP R/3 Unifier - Drag & Relate - Project Generation


This is with regards to Drag&Relate using SAP Unifier.

We are supposed to get the R/3 TRansactions available as Drop Targets in the Navigation panel of the EP 6 SP2.

My configuration is as follows:

1. Portal Configuration

I have a EP6 SP2 instance up and running

Win 2003 Server/MSSQL 2000 sp3/Patch 3/Hotfix 4.

2. SAP R/3 System

I have an R/3 4.7 Enterprise IDES instance running on AIX.

I have configured the Portal with a System Definition whose Connector parameters point to the R/3 4.7 Enterprise Host and its relevant ITS parameters set to the ITS Host and DRS parameters to the Unifier Server Host which is a Win2000 Server.

I have also imported the Drag & Relate Metadata into the R/3 System and when i do a check with spo0 transaction all the settings seem to be ok. settings 1,2,3,4,7 show a Green light and 5,6 show a yellow light. So i assume that the Drag&Relate metadata has been set/Workplace parameters are set in the SAPGUI logon options/Workplace plug in also seems to be fine shows a green light wiht version 500_620.

Problem Description


When i go to the unifier project generator from MMC i can go past the first 2 screens where by it asks for the SQL Server paramterers etc for creating the unifier repository. When i come to the 3rd screen, I enter the following

1. Portal Address

http://<portal host>:50500/irj

(because my portal runs on instance 05)

user name: <portal administrator's user name>

password: <password>

when i hit enter, it shows me the dialog

"Unable to contact the SAP System. contact

your system administrator".

The only problem that i might have right now is that the SSO logon mechanism between the portal and R/3 does not work. but i thought on this 3rd screen in the SAP Unifier project generation wizard, the dialog is supposed to show me the System Aliases from which i need to chose the relevant alias. but it shows the above error.

Any help would be appreciate.