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Dec 29, 2010 at 03:52 AM

Configuring CCMS agent to monitor logfile


Hello Experts,

We are configuring the CCMS agento to read the alert log and search and alert us for ORA-00600 errors. We have configured the sapccmsr.ini file as follows:

### Configuration file for CCMS agents SAPCCMSR and SAPCCM4X

### Format of entries for plugins:

# PlugIn <full path of shared library to load>

### Format of entries for logfile monitoring:

LogFile /usr/sap/tmp/logmon/templatelogmon.ini

# LogFileDir /usr/sap/tmp/logmon/

# LogFile <full path of logfile template>

### Format of entries for the option to delete trees if no corresponding logfile exists:

### This Parameter is optional, if not specified the tree still remains

# LogFileParam DelTree

### Format of entries for mechanism to filter out SAPOSCOL values:

# OsColFile <full path of oscolfile template>

OsColFile /usr/sap/WRQ/oscolfile.txt

The contents of templatelogmon.ini are as follows:








MESSAGEID_0="rt 01"

However, we are facing syntax errors to read the templatelogmon.ini file. Following is the error in the log file:

Tue Dec 28 19:34:24 2010

ALLOGLIB: WARNING: Logfile Monitoring cannot read template file /usr/sap/tmp/logmon/templatelogmon.ini

ALLOGLIB: WARNING: please check file for syntax errors.

We have checked and confirmed that both the files - sapccmsr.ini and templatelogmon.ini are readable by adm user and permissions/ownerships are correctly set. We are pretty sure that there are no typo errors in the templatelogmon.ini file since we have taken it from

Please help us to rectify the "syntax error" as reported in the log file. We are unable to proceed with our Solman project.


Warm Regards,